Smart-Up is an EU funded project that will encourage vulnerable customers in those Member States that have embarked on the roll-out of Smart Meters to actively use their Smart Meters and In-House Displays to achieve energy savings. Previous studies have shown that Smart Meters do not lead to energy savings in the residential sector unless households actively use them and modify their energy-use behaviour. Our project will fill this gap, as well as raise awareness on demand response services.

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Our Aims


To increase the active and effective use of smart meters and in-home displays (where fitted) by vulnerable consumers

To encourage vulnerable consumers to change their energy-related behaviours in response to improved feedback information

Enable vulnerable consumers to make significant energy savings, reduce their fuel bills and seize further opportunities that may be offered by demand-response services

Latest news

Latest findings on national awareness of smart meters and their impact on households from Smart energy outlook

The latest Smart Energy Outlook has found that 97% of the British public are now aware of smart meters. The report, published on Friday 4 August by Smart Energy GB, found that almost half (49%) of those in GB who don’t yet have a smart meter would like to have one installed in the next six months. Smart meters were found to be an important motivator of behaviour change and reducing energy waste in homes. Eight in 10 (80%) of people surveyed with smart meters said they had taken steps to reduce their energy use, and over two-thirds (68%) said they feel more conscious about their energy use. The full article can be found here:...

Second Smart-Up Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of SMART-UP News. This newsletter is for those already working on SMART-UP and anyone who’s interested in learning more about the project. Over coming editions we will provide you with tips on how you can engage households with their smart meter and IHD and activities, events and publications to help you keep up to date with smart meter news in the UK. Download...