Smart-Up is an EU funded project that will encourage vulnerable customers in those Member States that have embarked on the roll-out of Smart Meters to actively use their Smart Meters and In-House Displays to achieve energy savings. Previous studies have shown that Smart Meters do not lead to energy savings in the residential sector unless households actively use them and modify their energy-use behaviour. Our project will fill this gap, as well as raise awareness on demand response services.

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Our Aims


To increase the active and effective use of smart meters and in-home displays (where fitted) by vulnerable consumers

To encourage vulnerable consumers to change their energy-related behaviours in response to improved feedback information

Enable vulnerable consumers to make significant energy savings, reduce their fuel bills and seize further opportunities that may be offered by demand-response services

Latest news


A handbook presenting various case studies and best practices on how to overcome energy poverty was recently published by the office of Tamás Meszerics (Member of the European Parliament) via The Greens/EFA group of the European Parliament. The document can be downloaded by clicking the link below:...

Italian press releases published by AISFOR

Energia su misura: come far scegliere alle famiglie efficientamento e risparmio Green BIZ (04 luglio 2016) PROGETTO: USMARTCONSUMER – Rapporto Annuale Efficienza Energetica (RAEE) 2016 dell’ENEA (24 giugno 2016) – @SMART-UP Il progetto europeo SMART-UP – Rapporto Annuale Efficienza Energetica (RAEE) 2016 dell’ENEA (24 giugno 2016) – @SMART-UP A Teramo il convegno finale del progetto Enact sull’Energy Auditor – Canale Energia (20 giugno 2016) – @ENACT Giulianova. Enact Energy Auditor – L’opinionista (20 giugno 2016) – @ENACT L’energy auditor: una figura che ci aiuterà a risparmiare sui costi energetici, formata grazie al progetto Enact – Provincia Termo (20 giugno 2016) – @ENACT Conferenza finale Enact Audit energetici – Ordine Ingegneri di Teramo (20 giugno 2016) @ENACT Conferenza finale Enact – Collegio Geometri Teramo (10 giugno 2016) – @ENACT Cervetri, Smart-Up per i consumatori vulnerabili: al via il primo corso per operatori (14 aprile 2016) @SMART-UP Domani a Cerveteri primo corso per operatori del progetto SMART UP – (13 aprile 2016) @SMART-UP Povertà energetica, se ne parla in un seminario a Cerveteri –  Civionline (12 aprile 2016) @SMART-UP Efficienza energetica: un’opportunità di formazione gratuita dall’Europa – Donne in affari (8 aprile 2016) @ENACT Marina Varvesi su Enact Energy Auditor – Video intervista per Canale Energia su You Tube (7 aprile 2016) @ENACT Energy Auditor: un’opportunità di specializzarsi dall’Europa – Canale Energia (7 aprile 2016) @ENACT Agena Teramo: formazione per una nuova figura nel campo energetico – InAbruzzo (4 aprile 2016) @ENACT Un corso gratuito di Agena per professionisti dell’energia – Il Centro (1 aprile 2016) @ENACT Rete Renael: Energy Auditor e Convegno Energy Med – Regione Abruzzo (1 aprile 2016) @ENACT Agena forma i nuovi professionisti dell’energia –  L’Opinionista (30 marzo 2016) @ENACT Teramo, in partenza un nuovo corso...

SMART-UP at the 8th Citizens’ Energy Forum – February 23rd and 24th, 2016

The 8th Citizens’ Energy Forum was held in London on February 23 – 24, 2016. The first edition of the Citizens’ Energy Forum was established by the European Commission in 2007 and since then, the Forum meets on an annual basis in London. The aim of the Forum is to create competitive, energy-efficient and fair retail markets for consumers. Several Working Groups have been established to focus on issues raised in the Forum, covering topics such as vulnerable consumers, price transparency, and consumers as energy market agents. In 2016, “the overall aim of the Forum is to explore consumers’ perspective and role in a competitive, ‘smart’, energy-efficient and fair energy retail market. This year’s meeting will in particular discuss the role and situation of consumers in a socially responsible and inclusive Energy Union, and forthcoming Commission proposals on a new market design for retail electricity and gas markets. The speed at which energy markets are developing is unprecedented, and consumers need a better understanding of how these markets operate. Commission proposals under its Energy Union strategy will seek a market design that delivers a New Deal for energy consumers through their empowerment and improved opportunities for participation in energy markets. One key goal in this respect will be to improve the situation for vulnerable consumers and those facing energy poverty against a backdrop of rising energy bills and stagnating or even falling household incomes. These aims are not new, but our efforts need to be intensified to achieve the optimal outcome for all household consumers.” The SMART-UP project was presented at the FORUM through the poster, roll-up and the...